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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 3, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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county sheriff's office has handled three collisions between cars and amish buggies. the most recent was last friday night. a car crashed into an amish buggy that was carrying seven people between fairbank and hazleton. the crash didn't seriously hurt anyone, and the horse escaped, but the impact destroyed the top of the buggy. kcrg t-v nine's chris earl met with some amish today in buchanan county and asked how they want drivers to approach and pass them. last friday night, buchanan county sheriff's deputy cory hartmann came upon a mangled amish buggy after investigators say a car smacked the buggy -- at a fairly high rate of speed. "58:47 about 45-50 miles per hour. " with 7 people inside the buggy, hartmann said the impact could have been far worse. "58:29 the buggy was actually demolished but there was no amish individuals around at the time. we later found them with
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bruises." on thursday, we did speak with one of the adults in the buggy who survived -- she said she had no broken bones but this is the latest crash in buchanan county involving a car or truck and a buggy... " 9:01 chris standup:this is the spot west of hazleton where, on friday night, the car did hit the horse-and-buggy and, miraculously, no serious injuries for the 7 people inside that amish buggy. naturally, the amish would not talk to us on- camera for an interview but the people who we did talk to who were amish had plenty to say about this, talking off- camera. they stressed safety when cars and trucks are passing a horse-and- buggy. one person told us, please don't slow down and look and stay at a consistent speed so that won't spook the horse. but he also told us that amish people operating the horse and buggies need to do their part, leaving the lights on for cars to see." before the latest crash - this one on november 18 - on highway 281 where a car hit the buggy. no injuries here, either, but the buggy driver was cited for failure to use the required lighting device. so critical as the sun goes down early now... "59:40 they do have the orange placards on the back but sometimes these lights that the amish buggies have are
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batteries. sometimes to save the power, the buggy operators will shut these lights off when there's no cars around. we typically tell individuals who are traveling along these roadways to keep your highbeams on as long as possible and it lets you see a lot further distance down the road and you're going to see those placards. " in buchanan county, chris earl, kcrg-tv 9 news. the buchanan county sheriff's office said a third crash back on october 11th also didn't result in serious injuries. but a crash in davis county in october killed a buggy driver when the horse turned into the path of a truck that was passing it. police say someone drove their jeep into a mobile home park's main office in hiawatha this evening.. they say no one was injured when the vehicle plunged in the bali hai estates office about six o'clock. police didn't know if anyone was in the building at the time. we now know who the 14 people are who died in yesterday's shootings at a health department holiday party in san bernardino,
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the victims ranged in age from 26 to 60. they were nine men and five women. one of the men was the father of six. police say syed farook and tashfeen malik used assault rifles and handguns to kill 14 people and wound 21 others. they say they fired 65 to 75 rounds inside san bernardino's inland resource center, before driving off in a rental vehicle. both of them died hours later in a shootout with police. one of the victims, 52 year old nicholas thalasinos, had worked for the san bernardino county health department for 12 years. his family says he was an inspector in the environmental division, and worked alongside farook. "i came home yesterday and watched the news, i thought he would just be fine. he was a good person, i loved my father. i always will. "
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ammunition with them and another 45-hundred rounds in their apartment. officers also found a dozen pipe bomb-style devices and bomb making tools. police say the guns were purchased legally. a u-s intelligence officer says syed farook had been in touch on social media with extremists who are under f-b-i scrutiny. friends say he was a devout muslim, and now the f-b-i is trying to determine if farook had been radicalized. legislation to demolish the affordable care act and block planned parenthood's federal money has made its way through the senate. the house is expected to approve it in the coming days. but the president has already promised he will veto it. and republicans are o-k with that veto. they want to use it as a message to voters to send a republican to the white house. a 5-year, 305-billion dollar transportation bill is on its way to the president's desk. the house passed the bill earlier today. it boosts spending to fix the nation's aging highways and bridges. it also
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states that federal help will be available for major projects. but the bill doesn't include as much money or last as long as president obama would have liked. turning to weather,mete orologist joe winters joins us. joe, we have nice conditions now, but fog could be a problem in the morning? our clearing continues through the night. it may however be interrupted by some patchy fog. the best chance for fog will be the river valleys, but it is a concern for your friday morning commute. we look ahead and see a very tranquil december pattern through the coming week. any precipitation chances are very slight. temperatures remain mild with middle to upper 40s found from day to day through next thursday. tonight: patchy fog low: 21-27 winds: sw 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 43-49 winds: s 5-15 back to you. the cedar rapids public library is looking for input after voters denied a tax levy to help pay for
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almost 55 percent of voters opposed the levy. the levy would have been 27 cents for every one thousand dollars of a home's assessed taxable value. and it would have raised one point six million dollars annually. now the library needs to figure out what the future looks like and what services could see cuts. kcrg t-v nine's brea love reports on why public input could guide the changes. changes are on there way to the cedar rapids public library. both locations are facing some major cuts after the failed levy in november. "were working with the city to try to maintain as many of the existing offerings we have, but we definitely will be cutting hours." hours, access, technology, materials, and staffing is all up in the air for the 20-17 fiscal year. "library director dara schmidt says patrons could see changes as soon as march of next year." she
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history in the last year with high levels of engagement and circulation. "we know from those statistics that were on the right trajectory, but were about to make some really hard decision about what we can continue to offer and what we cant." that's why the library's board of trustees is asking for your help. "cedar rapids public libraries are popular reading libraries, and this community input process is very important because want to make sure that we maintain the collection that the citizens want, and that we are able to maintain the programming that they want." the library will hold a public input session next week, to give them that chance. "we've heard from the community once about the level of funding that they want us to have right now, now we would really like to hear what they would like us to do with that, not just now, but in the long term future of the library." in cedar rapids, brea love, kcrg-tv9 news. the meeting is next wednesday evening, december 9th at 5:30, in the library's downtown location. if you can't make
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library officials ask you fill out a survey online. you can find that link on our website kcrg dot com on kcrg 9.2 tonight we had high school wrestling with a triangular between north-linn, lisbon and alburnett. ...the matchup of the night was number one ranked alburnett versus number two ranked lisbon. alburnett grabbed an early 18-0 lead, but lisbon came back with four consecutive wins to go up 24 to 18. alburnett cut lisbon's lead to six heading into the final match. but lisbon's carter happel pinned his opponent in 25 seconds to give lisbon the 45 to 33. some marion elementary students got to show off their artistic talents tonight. " 18:29:26 they have been practicing for about a month and they've also been working on their art work for about a month." but there is more to this concert and art show than meets the eye. "hi, i'm master sgt. timothy
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force base here in sw asia. i just want to say happy holidays and hello to my three kids, bethany, toby and zach. and i also want to say, 'happy holidays' to my parents william and lana larson in iowa and i'll
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teachers, students and families gathered in the cafeteria at linn grove elementary for a special concert. about a dozen linn-mar preschoolers practiced for weeks to bring this all together. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie shows what's behind tonight's special event. "18:29:33 they are so excited for tonight." the big night has finally arrived. "18:29:07 we are going to hear a little tooty ta, and we are going to hear the power song." you couldn't help but smile at the energy as they sang their hearts out. but a few tears were spotted in the audience as well... revealing there's more to this concert than meets the eye. "18:26:05 we decided to do it
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in our classrooms who are affected by cancer." this concert is actually a fundraiser called art for a cause -- a cause that little liam knows all about. doctors diagnosed his mom with breast cancer in july. " 18:32:25 i went to the hall perrine cancer center and have done all of my surgery, i've had a bilateral mastectomy, and now i'm currently in treatment. " for liam all of his ribbons are pink. and all of this is for his mom. "he said yeah we are doing this to make my mom better, which was such an amazing statement for him to make so he has been making that connection. " " 18:31:30 it's really quite amazing how people this little can make world-changing decisions." this team of preschoolers ended up raising 348 dollars and 25 cents. it's proof that a little singing, a pretty picture and a lot of love goes a
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" 18:36:59 what's your favorite song? love grows is his favorite song." nats singing in marion, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. the american cancer society accepted the donation tonight. it says the money will pay for research and will help local cancer patients. police dog officers gathered to honor the life of one of their companions this afternoon. officers from across linn and johnson counties drove with their lights on in a procession to the edgewood animal hospital in cedar rapids. a university of iowa police dog by the name of barry was put down this afternoon for health reasons. barry worked for the university of iowa police department for five years, and retired last month. barry's handler was officer brad schramm. a statement from the u-i- p-d office said, "the entire university of iowa police department is feeling this loss and he will be greatly missed." donations to a telethon this weekend will help keep
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coming up, see how the fill the plate telethon is helping provide food and socialization
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our clearing continues through
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however be interrupted by some patchy fog. the best chance for fog will be the river valleys, but it is a concern for your friday morning commute. we look ahead and see a very tranquil december pattern through the coming week. any precipitation chances are very slight. temperatures remain mild with middle to upper 40s found from day to day through next thursday. tonight: patchy fog low: 21-27 winds: sw 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny
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winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: mostly clear low: 25-31 winds: s 5-15saturday: mostly sunny high: 48 - low: 28 sunday: m/cloudy, iso. showers high: 42 - low: 31 monday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 32 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 32 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 46 - low: 31 thursday: partly
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this weekend's "fill the plate" telethon will raise money for the heritage area agency on aging... and it'll help keep some struggling small town congregate meal sites open. those smaller communities have a smaller pool of volunteers. and every volunteer makes a big difference. for about 25 years "lenna see" volunteered at the ely senior dining center.12:08:32.16 i serve the meals, get a count every day and take care of the money and take it to the bank.but lenna says what she does at the center is small compared to
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community. 12:12:06.24 if we didn't have this program, they would miss the socialization and the card playing the most. beverly lovitt has been coming to the eley senior center for a few years now. she says being able to talk with other people helped her out of a dark time. 12:17:21.00 it gets me going, because i lost my husband in may and they helped me out a lot on my depression. 12:18:36.5 they are good to me and they really help me out a lot. if it weren't for them, i don't think i could make it because they really helped me out with my depression and stuff. lenna says she and other volunteers come in every day to get things ready for people like beverly. but they also have get meals ready for the people who can't make the trip into the center. 12:10:46.20 to the people that are in their own homes, handicapped or house bound and so we take them a meal whenever we are here and get to socialize with them and they get to see someone every day that way. 12:18:15.26 you know it kinda helps them too, it gives them something to do and we get along just great. we just love to play cards and have meals. the meals are really super. the fill the plate telethon is this sunday evening, starting at 5:30. you can watch it live on kcrg 9-point-2.
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indianapolis, indiana. coming up in sports, i'll feature iowa quarterback c-j beathard and this week's athlete of the week. stay with your 24 hour news
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an annual telethon raises money to feed seniors in eastern iowa. we'll talk about the goals for this year's event to fill the plate. and the hawkeyes and fans hope to keep the dream alive with a perfect 13 in indianapolis. a preview of this weekend's big game - tomorrow
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title game. for the hawks to upset sparty saturday they
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undefeated quarterback. is cj beathard one of the top quarterbacks in the country..well if you just looking at passing stats you would have to say no... he is 56th in the country in passing yards with 2,354.. and he is tied for 71st in the nation for touchdown passes with 14...but if you judge a qb by stats you are crazy.. it's all the intangibles that make cj great. his toughness, his leadership. his ability to make plays when the hawks need one.. and the most important stat he is 13-0 as a starter. it is all that matters as long as your are winning games that is all that matters. leadership demands the best out of everybody. he is a leader and he leads by example. when i think of him i think of brad banks i am not saying they are identical but the bottom line is the lead the team they move the ball we score points and we win games. cj will surprise you with his legs.. he has a knack
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pick up that first down. he has only thrown three intercepts for the year he does not hurt the team. he manages everything really well. and he give them when it is not good when something is broken down he moves well enough to extend the play to hurt you and then hurt you. bethard's toughness might be his best quality he has played injured most of the season. if your banged up quarterback can come and put his body on the line why can't everyone else on the team so he really helps us go. two things would all agree i think. his toughness and and then beyond that his poise. and finally we have a special honorary athlete of the week tonight sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. 05 despite living with downs syndrome. linn-mar sophomore sidney von lehmden is just one of the players with a pretty sweet shot. sidney took
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the game against waterloo east and let's just say she made it count and the crowd went nuts. when you shot the ball did you think it was going to go in? yes. because you had practiced a lot right? ya. what what ran thru your mind when you saw the ball go thru? just a lot of fun i like being with my teammates. they were going crazy yes. that made you feel proud. ya. it made happy for her because i know how hard she works. it was an amazing feeling. i was incredible proud and very excited for her. bring a tear to your eye? oh ya yes of course. to really see sid it was like it
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sidney also plays volleyball and is in the band. she has been playing basketball since she was a little girl and absolutely loves the game. what do you like about basketball? i like wearing my uniform my warmup jersey. that makes you feel proud to. ya. she want have the same opportunities as everyone any sport or music. the school, administration and teammates give her that opporunity. if we had a challenge who would win me or you? i tho you would yes. we had a free throw contest and sidney stepped and drained her first shot. the loser had to do bear crawl killers so the pressure was on. it was time for me to do my favorite bear crawl killers. just a word to the wise don't ever take on sidney in a shooting contest. it won't go
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one last look at the forecast, joe... our clearing continues through the night. it may however be interrupted by some patchy fog. the best chance for fog will be the river valleys, but it is a concern for your friday morning commute. we look ahead and see a very tranquil december pattern through the coming week. any precipitation chances are very slight. temperatures remain mild with middle to upper 40s found from day to day through next thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope you'll be with us again tomorrow. until then, have a good night. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now,
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